Factura accounting and inventory software for small and medium business provides an integrated way to bank, invoice and manage your company finances. Accurately manage, analyse and report on your inventory and reduce overall inventory costs typically by 15-30%. Factura’s sophisticated procurement, fulfillment and inventory management software allows you to record, analyse and report on your inventory, helping you manage your stock position and cost.


Factura for small business allows you to create sales automation workflows to proactively manage your sales. Sales staff can create quotes (which convert to sales orders and invoices), based on standard items and pricing in the system. Effectively drive sales performance and growth in your business.


The pressure is on CFOs to provide faster and more granular visibility into what’s driving company performance. Factura gives you the best financial reporting of any accounting system. It tracks operational and financial data—by business driver—to give you superior reporting power and a complete view of your organization.


Factura includes numerous productivity tools to let you run your business more effectively and efficiently – increasing your profitability