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Inventory Features: 1.       Multiple Godowns maintain 2.       Category wise stock 3.       Batch-wise Maintain 4.       Purchase Order Management 5.       Sales Order Management 6.       Tracking additional cost of purchase/sales 7.       Multiple Price levels maintain 8.       LC Management 9.       Point of sale (POS) 10.   Manufacturing Process   Accounting Features: 1.       Multi- Currency 2.       Interest Calculation 3.       Bill-wise Maintain […]

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Organization DRESSTEX Global Office Automation Limited HAMKO Corporation Limited HAMKO Corporation Ltd Hamko Corporation Ltd. Hemko Electronics Ltd. Computer Logic Lab Energypac Fashions Ltd. AREA SCHEME CONSTRUCTION LTD. M/s. Hashadah Motors O.P.S. Chroma Colour Tex. ROSE WOOD RESIDENCE LTD. Genus Pharmaceuticals BABEL CORPORATION LTD. Mid Asia Air Lines Limited suruchi firm Bengal Meat Processing Ind. […]